Episode 124 – What is happening in the Luxury Property Market?

This week’s podcast kicks off with Brett talking about the Luxury Property Market and how much the median house prices have been changing. Following this, Joel talks to us about Hedging Strategies and the current market correction. To close out the Podcast, Louis talks to us about the federal government and gives us some incite into cultural change within businesses.

This Weeks Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Luxury Property Market: Bret talks to us about the Luxury property market and surprisingly how much the median house prices are change and what to expect over 2021.
  • Hedging Strategies: Joel discusses with us around hedging strategies and how they work to better portfolios, as well as discussing the current market corrections.
  • Federal Government: Louis talks to us about the recent light that has been shown over the federal government and the allocations around harassments and culture and gives us some incite around culture change in an office.

Listener Questions:

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