Episode 122 What is Private Equity?

This week’s podcast kicks off with discussions from Louis talking to us about emotional spending during the COVID-19 Lockdowns. Following this, Brett talks to us about Capital Gains Tax on residential properties. To finish, Joel talks to us about private equity and explain to us what this is.

This Weeks Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Emotional Spending: Louis speaks to use about how during the COVID-19 Lockdowns, people have been turning to online shopping for items that can’t be used. He discusses other options and what to think about before doing this.
  • Capital Gains Tax on Residential Property: Brett talks to us about capital gains tax and how you may be able to get an out of this on more than one home and how a property qualifies as your principle place of residence.
  • Private Equity: Joel explains to us what private equity is, as well as gives us an example of this. He also introduces a new private equity strategy that United Global Capital will be offering.

Listener Questions:

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