Episode 119 What Happened to the Stock Market?

This week’s podcast kicks off with Joel highlighting the recent events around an organised attack by members of an Redditt on stocks that had been heavily shorted. Following that, Louis shares some tips on setting achievable habits and making space to achieve them in the new year. Brett then follows with an update on how residential property preformed in 2020.

This Weeks Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Crazy Stock Market Trading: Joel shows some incite into the recent events that have been happening in the stock market and how some users of Redditt have been able to make an attack on stocks and gives us some more of an understanding on this topic.
  • Setting Achievable Habits: Louis provides some helpful tips on how to be setting yourself achievable habits and ensuring you make space to achieve them within the new year.
  • Performance of Residential Property in 2020: Brett speaks about the performance of the Residential Property in 2020 and gives us some statics around the property market in Melbourne during this Pandemic compared to other capital cities.

Listener Questions:

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