Episode 118 How To Start 2021 With Smart Investments?

Our first podcast of the year kick starts with a fresh and positive outlook towards 2021 and what we can expect out of this year. Joel tells us about the current position of the markets are now and the historic performance of 2020. Following that, Louis shares tips on starting every new year in a way that contributes to personal and professional development. In the last section of the podcast, Brett provides us with an update on the HomeBuilder program.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • 2020 Historic Performance: Despite the 2020 being a very challenging year, UGC’s flagship Platinum Alpha Strategy had a pleasant result with a return of 39%.
  • Starting New Year: Louis provides some tricks that he does at the beginning of every yeas which is review the year that has gone by and looking ahead to the year that’s going to come. With the purpose of finding if you’re looking for discovery, and you’re looking for learnings.
  • Property Market: Applications for Homebuilder Grant towards the end of December exceeded he government’s expectations. With the Homebuilder Grant extension and an easing of lending restriction coming in March, we are expecting a strength year for the property market.

Listener Questions:

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