Episode 115: Evaluating Your Options For Maximizing Your Wealth

This week’s podcast begins with a discussion on the exceptional performance of Victoria and the Victorian government with regard to COVID, prompting states like Queensland to re-open their borders for Victorians. Joel sheds light on report provided by the Australian Financial Review, such as AFR 200 Rich list and the sectors contributing to their wealth. Following that, Louis talks about the strategies used by high-net-worth individuals in their investment plans. Finally, Brett talks about the Victorian State Budget.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Australian Financial Review: Around this time of the year, the Australian Financial Review, publishes a list of Top 200 wealthiest Australian and the Wealthiest young Australian. Joel talks about the people who made their way onto these lists and how they were able to make significant changes to their net worth, especially in the past year.
  • Tax Strategy: In this segment, Louis talks about the strategies employed by high-net-worth individuals in their investment plans. He also informs us that while these strategies might be useful, they also come with certain drawbacks.
  • Victorian State Budget: In our final segment, Brett dives deeper into the Victorian State Budget and the changes made to the Stamp duty regime. He highlights the implications of these changes and some industries that might benefit from the real estate industry.

Listener Questions:

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