Episode 112. Global Stock Markets React On Prospect Of Biden Presidency.

This week’s episode starts off with a discussion on the United States’ Presidential election and how it is too early to predict the outcome. Following that, Joel provides us with an update on the Stock Market performance during the elections and how the market is pricing in a Biden win. Furthermore, Brett informs us of the new record interest rates announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia and what it means for property owners. Lastly, Louis sheds light on the court proceedings of Rest Superannuation Fund and it’s failures in protecting retirement savings.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Market Update: Joel informs us of the performance of the US stock market during the Presidential elections. Additionally, we are seeing a good number of stocks starting to set up and break out into all-time highs.
  • Interest rates: Brett updates us on the announcement by the RBA lowering the interest rates down to a record 0.1%,  the lowest it’s ever been in this country. From the property markets perspective, this makes the property the most affordable that it’s ever been.
  • Rest Super Fund’s Settlement: Rest super fund is facing a lawsuit for failing to protect retirement savings during periods of financial market crisis. Louis brings us details of the court settlements and the resolution that has come about.

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