Episode 110. Manifest Growth In Business And In Life With David Guest from the Outcomes Business Group.

This week’s episode, we welcome a special guest, David Guest from Outcomes Business Group. Joel begins the podcast with an update on the stock market and how it is showing signs of recovery following a period of slump in September. Following that, Brett talks through the price movements and the impact that COVID is continuing to have in property. Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is emerging as an outperforming option, Louis provides you with information on how it will positively impact your retirement. Our special guest David reveals secrets that he’s uncovered from business coaching that may be useful for you to manifest growth in income and growth in your life.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • Market Update: Joel starts off by informing us the market performance where a number of stocks started breaking out in the past few weeks. Given a strong bullish sign, Joel has his portfolio fully invested again after having taken some money off the table back in early September.
    • Property Market Update: Despite media reports about potential house price falls, property market throughout the last six months has been relatively flat. Melbourne being the only capital city that actually recorded a price decline of 1%  over the last week.
    • Changes in Superannuation: Louis talks through the long-term impacts of new rules imposed on the superannuation system. Furthermore, he points out how individuals can benefit from choosing self-managed superfund.
    • Business Coaching: David covers his strategy on helping businesses ‘ growth. His coaching service focuses on enabling businesses to devise sustainable growth strategies by helping them navigate their growth, building their team and getting a plan in place.

Listener Questions:

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