Episode 109 Will The New Federal Budget Save The Economy?

Today’s podcast starts off with a quick update on the major events that took place around the world this week. Louis brings to light some of the changes made to the federal budget in comparison to previous years’ budgets and highlights its pros and cons. Brett tells us about the implications of the federal budget on the property market and how first home buyers have a variety of options available for them to enter the market right now. In the last segment, Joel tells us about fusion energy, a new source of energy that has been floating around in the news and its benefits over more conventional sources of energy.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    •  Federal Budget Update:  The first segment kicks off with a discussion on the Federal Budget and how the proposed measures will not have a direct impact on people’s personal finances. Furthermore, he informs us of the latest tax cuts, Job Maker scheme and other proposed changes, their longevity and their role in stimulating the economy.
    • New Budget’s Impact On Property Market: This years’ federal budget is not expected to have a significant impact on the property market in contrast to previous years. Brett tell us about the incentives the Government is offering to help First Time Buyers to enter the market such as a reduction of First Home Loan Deposit, first homeowners grant and so on, what it entails and what its benefits might be.
    • Fusion Energy and its role in our future: Fusion energy is a new topic that has been floating around the news and how we might be closer to attaining it than we thought we were and the doors that it might open for us in the latter half of the century. Joel further tells us about the difference between fusion and fission and how fusion energy might be a reliable, more sustainable source energy for the future.

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