Episode 107. Will The New Changes In The Consumer Protection Law Protect Your Finances

Today’s podcast begins with a discussion on the restrictions that might be lifted in Victoria in the coming weeks. Joel talks to us about the announcement in regard to consumer protection laws that follows the global financial crisis. Brett provides an update on the property market and the impact of the low-interest rate for people who are looking to purchase the property. Lastly, Louis informs us of the factors to be considered when planning our retirement.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • Changes in Consumer Protection Laws: Joel informs us of the recent announcement to the consumer protection laws that are designed to remove unnecessary barriers to the flow of credit to households and small businesses.
    • Property Market Update: As the Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the interest rate, it makes buying property now being cheaper than it was in 2010.
    • Retirement Planning: Louis emphasizes the importance of knowing your retirement savings goal. He reveals top strategies that professionals employ to help their clients get ahead in the game of retirement planning.

Listener Questions:

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