Episode 105: How To Wisely Use The Rest Of The Year To Get Ready To Invest In 2021?

This week, the podcast kicks off with a discussion on multiple protests carried out on social media. As many investors begin to feel pessimism in the stock market, Louis provides us with information on how to best prepare yourself to take advantage when the situation reverses. Brett provides an update on the situation of different property markets across Australia. Lastly, Joel provides the US stock market performance and answers the popular question of whether now is a good time to invest.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • Get Your Strategy Ready: As many people are hesitating to invest, Louis tells us how it is important to have the strategy ready to not miss the chance to invest when the time comes.
    • Property Market Update: Brett informs us of the biggest changes in the total amount of property on the market, which has shown a massive decline by 40% compared to a year ago, Melbourne being the biggest contributor.
    • Market Update: The pullback that we have seen in the US major stock market indexes might have raised investors’ concerns. However, considering the latest economic data, Joel informs us this is a healthy correction in a longer-term bull market.

Listener Questions:

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