Episode 102: As Population Growth Slows, Are We Going To See Lows?

This week’s episode, we welcome a special guest, Ross De Vincentiis from ROSSFIT. Brett begins the podcast with an update on the population statistics and how COVID-19 might lead to a decline in population growth rate. Following that, Joel provides us with an update on the performance of the US market, and how quickly it has shown the sign of recovery. He also talks about the Afterpay’s surprising performance during a global pandemic. Lastly, Ross tells us about some of the factors which affect our mental health during tough times and what can be turned in turn improve this.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • Population Statistics: Brett starts off by informing us how the population is directly responsible for determining the performance of the property market. He provides an update on the latest population figures and how COVID-19 travel restrictions and other related factors might result in a decline in the estimated population and what its implications might be on the economy.
    • Market Update: Joel provides an update on the market performance and how the US stock market has finally got back to its previous highs. He further provides an update on the performance of Afterpay and how its business model has contributed to its share price appreciation amidst the pandemic.
    • Mental Health and Wellness: Ross provides us with a brief personal background and the underlying factors that led him to enter the health and wellness industry. He also covers the core philosophy of his business, the four pillars of health which can help people adapt to their current environment.

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