Episode 101: Are We Prepared For Life Post Pandemic?

Our latest episode kicks off with a discussion on some of the challenges faced by people during lockdown and what steps we can take to better deal with this situation while following the regulations. Brett provides an update on the situation of different property markets across the. Joel gives us a monthly update on the stock market and how the market will be in a state of flux given the changing investor sentiment, current global situation, and upcoming elections in the US. Lastly, Louis discusses how people’s spending patterns have changed during this period of lockdown and how people can better prepare themselves for the future by developing a savings habit.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • Property Market Update: COVID-19 has had varied effects on property markets across different states in the country. Brett also provides more information about what can be expected from the property market in the future.
    • Market Update: Investor sentiments are rising that might be a cause for short-term concern with bullish sentiments increasing in the United States. Joel tells us how we’re heading in the weakest months of the year and how our proactive approach can help us get ahead of the curve and turn the portfolio over during this period of market recovery.
    • Update on Savings and Spending Patterns: Louis tells us how the e-commerce spending has increased during the isolation period and how people should get into or alter their regular savings habit to better prepare themselves against future uncertainties.

Listener Questions:

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