Episode 99: Major Things You Can Do With Your Finances Right Now.

Steph, Joel, Louis, and Brett continue to take a closer look and have deeper conversations about the implications of further lockdowns in Australia. While Victoria’s lockdown might have an impact on Australia’s GDP, major markets around the world are beginning to recover. Brett provides an update on the outlook of the property market and how the lender’s mortgage insurance benefits first-time buyers. Furthermore, Louis provides three different areas that financial planning can help with your home purchase.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    •  Macroeconomic Update: With the USA S&P 500 currently trading on a historically high price to earnings ratio of 23.13 times, it comes into question how much further it’s stock market has left to run. At the same time, the ASX 200 is still 20% away from its previous high. Joel gives us a rundown on what this means in terms of your share market investments.
    • Property Market: This week, we see new listing activity jumped up to 3% where the pre-listing activities remained steady. A surprising data also shows that the amount of mortgage in position valuation is down 27% for the year. Brett discusses what his forecasts are using these statistics. He also expands on the great benefits that the lender’s mortgage insurance has for first home buyers.
    • Plan Your Dream: Louis discusses how it is important for financial paraplanners to engage with their clients and come up with a plan that suits the client. Furthermore, he gives three different examples of where financial planning benefits you when you buy your dream house

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