Episode 97: As Restrictions Charge Forward, Just How Far Will The Economy Pull Back?

Steph, Joel, Brett and Louis begin the podcast with a discussion on the COVID-19 situation worsening in Victoria and the effect a potential Stage 4 will have. As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, new trends can be observed in the property market. Considering recent events, the market has been a state of flux. Brett provides his insight on the property market in Australia and what can be expected in the future. Joel provides an update on the EOFY results and how the Stock Market performed in the face of recent crises.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Property Market: The recent turn of events has unexpectedly led to a decline in the vacancy rates while the clearance rates are climbing. Brett tells us more about how the current situation would impact us and how it’s long term implications might not be as expected.
  • Leadership Principles Update (Exhibiting Leadership Traits): Louis discusses how people gravitate towards a leader and how individuals in leadership roles in the past have managed to overcome monumental challenges. Furthermore, he touches upon how we can develop leadership qualities to positively influence the people around us and face our issues head on.
  • Stock Market Update: Recovery in major indexes like NASDAQ and UGC’s Platinum Alpha strategy of investing in growing businesses was conducive to the growth of our clients’ portfolio in contrast to the ASX 200 Total Return Index despite the unexpected turn of events. Joel further discusses the pivotal role of the US Stock Market in determining the portfolios’ performance.


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