Episode 96: As Property Prices Fall In Some Areas, New Hotspots Are Emerging.

This episode kicks off with a discussion around the newly re-announced lockdown in Victoria and the actions taken by Premier Daniel Andrews. With indexes in the US such as the NASDAQ creeping higher and higher each day, many suggest that we are due for a pullback. Joel brings with him latest economic and stock market data to keep investors updated on whether it is still the right time to buy. Brett brings with him predictions in the property market and what buyers can expect in the coming months.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Showing Resilience: Louis brings with him the latest advice on mindset and how it will lead to great successes in the long run. He breaks down the actions that successful people take in order to keep motivated and resilient even during tough times.
  • Stock Market Update: Renewed Coronavirus concerns are beginning to resurface in the stock market. Major Indexes such as the NASDAQ have seen a significant run during the recovery and the strength of its hold is beginning to come into question. Joel discusses the possibilities of losses in the short term and also what he does to manage downside risks in his portfolio.
  • Property Market: In an interesting turn of events, there has been a significant increase in demand for holiday homes, especially in regional areas. Brett talks us through whether this warrants a new investment trend in the property market as demand also begins to lag in metropolitan cities.

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