Episode 95: How To Yield Significant Returns Even When The Stock Market Is Falling.

This week we release an episode where Joel, Steph and Brett remotely dial in to this podcast. As fear mongering headlines catch investor’s attention, we dissect popular beliefs of the conditions in the real-estate market. Also Joel announces the momentous next step of his fund managing career as he launches United Global Capital’s very own global hedge fund, stay tuned to find out how he will execute his winning strategy.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Residential Real Estate: There are major headlines driving fear for real estate investors. Australia’s residential real estate market has been reported to have a great slump but many real life examples and statistics prove otherwise.
  • Hedge Fund Launch: Joel goes through what a hedge fund is designed to do and how it helps investors achieve great return while significantly managing market risks. Furthermore he gives us insight on the results that UGC’s beta test has seen and the types of returns that investors of this new fund can expect.


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