Episode 92: Investors are feeling the pressure as $90b is wiped off in a two day sell-off.

This week, the podcast focuses on grim indicators and forecasts in the stock market and the residential real estate market and how it will impact investors. Furthermore we discuss fear mongering headlines we are seeing everywhere and how we can discern factual information from sensationalist headlines that drive web traffic.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Share Market Update: Following the strong recovery in May, we are starting to see a great drop in the ASX on the day that the podcast is being uploaded. Using the latest data and global indicators, Joel brings to light what this pullback is driven by and what the success rates of your investments are.
  • Fear Mongering Headlines: During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, news companies have produced attention grabbing headlines that we religiously follow every day. However, now that the pandemic seems to be dying down we are seeing inconsistent information amongst different sources. In this podcast, Louis will break down how we can extract the facts and control our fear.
  • Residential Real Estate: ¬†Forecasters are reporting great decline in the property market as a result of impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Brett breaks down the current situation of the residential real estate market and if the worst is yet to come.

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