Episode 91: Australia Is Now In A Recession. Why It Is Not As Bad As It Seems.

This week we release a “Social Distance” episode where Steph, Joel, Louis and Brett remotely dial in to this podcast. The podcast begins with a discussion about the latest media revelation that Australia is now in a recession. We breaks down what a technical recession means and how your lives will be affected by this piece of news. Furthermore, we will provide you with valuable insight on current stock market performances, the new $25,000 grant for first home builders as well as tips to prevent yourself from hackers.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Australia’s Top 20 Executives: Executive structures in businesses is a great indicator of good and bad businesses as it shows their accountability towards shareholders. In this episode Joel brings us through the remuneration and performance of the top earning CEOs in Australia, if their earnings are justified and what the implications are for potential shareholders.
  • Government Home Builder Scheme: The government is forecasting 27,000 builders to access the first home builder scheme. Brett explains in detail the eligibility criteria for those looking to benefit from this government scheme and what this means as stimulus in the construction industry and our economy.
  • Scammers and Death: A recent scam includes the fraudulent set up of MyGov accounts under stolen identities. Louis sheds light on what these scammers do and how we can prevent ourselves from becoming the latest victim. As COVID-19 forces many of us to review our financial situation, estate planning lawyers have seen an uptick in business as many begin to create contingency plans in an unexpected event.

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