Episode 74: The Buyer’s Guide to Residential Real Estate.

The episode begins with an introduction of how the residential real estate market plays into the economy as a whole. How can we evaluate the future volatility of the real estate market based on things like unemployment, world events as well as interest rates. The real estate market is consistently plagued by rumours of recession and the viability of those rumors are dissected in this episode of the podcast by United Global Capital’s Head of Property Development, Brett Dickinson alongside Stephanie, Joel and Louis.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Real Estate Economy: The last real estate recession occurred almost 20 years ago in 1991. Will there be a recession coming up soon? Brett evaluates the affordability of Melbourne’s most in demand dwellings alongside employment, interest rates as well as median house prices to bring you up to speed on the current situation. Furthermore there is a discussion on the types of buildings and characteristics you should look out for if you are thinking of buying an apartment.
  • New First Home Owner Schemes: In 2020, there is a first home loan deposit scheme introduced by the government as well as an introduction of new mortgage insurance. The first home loan deposit scheme is eligible for those who fall within an income and house pricing category and varies for different location. Louis explains the criteria of these schemes and helps us understand what it means for our home loan.
  • Stock Market Update and the Coronavirus: The stock market is currently at an extreme optimism which often hints at a potential market correction. Especially now that we are seeing the Coronavirus hitting the new headlines. Joel answers the deep questions that we have about what we should expect in the next few months and how we can navigate a market correction.


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