Episode 62: The most liveable cities in Australia

This week Brett presents the findings from a recent report of the most liveable cities in Australia. The report is an important potential indicator of housing prices to watch out for across the country. And while Melbourne is considered only second to Vienna in the world ranking, we came in 4th in a study conducted in Australia.

The study considered a small selection of the population (10,000) and ranked regions into the most liveable region for metropolitan and the most liveable region for regional areas of Australia.

The study was based on key attributes including, safety, high-quality health services, job prospects, affordable housing, and reliable public transport. The result ranked inner Perth as the most livable metropolitan region and Warrnambool (In Victoria) as the most liveable regional area.  Melbourne inner south came in 4th in the metropolitan rankings, behind Adelaide Hills and Sydney’s eastern suburbs. 

Typically liveable areas with these ratings should translate to an increase in property prices. Listen to find out which other regions made the rankings.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Louis talks about how people at the top of their game, stay at the top. Top AFL clubs have a recent tendency towards consistent performance and it is similar in terms of personal finance. In order to stay at peak performance levels, he suggested that developing habits can eliminate the need for motivation and willpower. To form a habit you need the right environment and the right ritual. (16.10)
  • Joel provides an interesting report on the current remuneration trends for 2018/19. Reporting that CEO of Latitude finance, Ahmed Fahourhas negotiated a whopping 22 million dollar bonus and a 4.4 million dollar annual salary. Joel compared this with US executives which peak at 2.6 billion dollars for Elon Musk (whose company is currently being sued by a shareholder for inappropriate conduct for the remuneration paid to Elon.  (28.10)

You Cannot Be Serious:

A German court made a landmark ruling that officially recognises a hangover as an illness. On the back of a company taken to court over claims their product cured hangovers, the court ruling resulted in declaring hangovers an illness to prove that the claims by the company were in fact against the law

A broken-hearted 19-year-old living in an apartment decided to burn the love letters on the lounge room floor and then went to sleep leaving the love letters to burn. The fire department was called but no major damage

Proving hair loss is a serious business, a wigs trader in the US declared they had lost $80,000 in wig merchandise in a robbery.

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