Episode 60: Gaining more financial freedom by creating your dream life

Special guest Nikki Smith explores her program, helping people discover their maximiser strengths and ultimately uncover their dream life. Nikki is a psychologist and career coach who grew up with parents who loved their job, and she set out on a mission to do the same personally and for her clients.

Over a series of 12 months, Nikki worked with 4 participants to find their top 5 strengths. They underwent a series of mini experiments that helped determine what tasks they enjoyed the most and that they were the best at. These top 5 maximiser strengths are a combination of a unique personal roadmap. In fact, only 1 in 33 million people are likely to have the same combination.

Listen as she shares incredible journeys of self-discovery and reinvention for two of her clients, Kate and Fred.

“Knowing your strengths is like peeling an onion”. If you work to your strengths for 60 to 80% of the week you boost your productivity, your resilience, your positivity, and your creativity and your happiness is bound to shine. This happiness leads to greater personal and team efficiency.

You can see more of Nikki’s programs and free tools here https://www.nikkismithcoach.com/ or listen to her podcast Dream Life. Best Fite Role. 

 This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Brett discusses the recent UBS forecast adjustment for Australian House prices. They expect the medium house price to increase by 10%. According to key industry insiders – the market has not just stabilised but has started to improve. Listen in for more details. (34.19)
  • Louis discusses how you can use a pay rise for a permanent increase in life fulfillment.   Listen in for his fascinating advice. (37.28)

You Cannot Be Serious:

Brittish transport police are asking people to label goods when 25 bags of powder were discovered and police alerted. The bags turned out to be ingredients for a cake (that’s a lot of cake!)

Nikki googled the UGC podcast only to find that the first entry is a star trek fan podcast.

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