Episode 44: The financial benefits of working with experts

This week we’re discussing the pros and cons of working with an expert in any field, and how to identify a true expert to get the best return on your investment. Listen in for our take on how experts can make your life easier; and how the wrong ‘expert’ can impact your outcomes.

There are many reasons to engage with an expert, but the most important reasons boil down to  4 factors that impact our decisions. These factors include getting a better outcome, obtaining access to exclusive products and opportunities, saving time and stress, and getting a better price for your purchase.

The best analogy is with the property market. If you’re going to buy a home or investment property, where on earth do you start? A professional can help you choose the right investment or find the right home that fits your criteria. Further, they are professional negotiators in real estate, and can use their knowledge to make sure you aren’t overpaying on a purchase price, saving you tens of thousands of dollars at a time.

In our industry, who are the experts that are critical for getting your finances in order, manage your international share portfolio, and property investments? Listen in for Louis’ insights on the benefits of working with a financial planning team.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • How does working with a mortgage broker over the long term work? Louis explains how the relationship works and the criteria to look for when selecting a mortgage broker. (13:11)
  • Purplebricks Australia PTY have left the Australian Market. Brett explains why their business model wasn’t sustainable with it’s fixed fee model. Listen in for more on the business models and expertise to look out for when sourcing a Real Estate Agency. (19:37)
  • Louis explains his thoughts on entering the market as a challenger brand against an expert champion brand. Listen in for more on the difficulties of entering any industry where there is a consumer champion. (28:11)

You Cannot Be Serious:

Choice in Australia has created an official 4 step guide on how to stack your dishwasher! Step 4 would likely end some household disputes: Choice says don’t put the dishwasher tablet in the dispenser.

Familiar with the name Will Connolly? More commonly known as “Egg Boy”, the 17 year old who ‘egged’ Fraser Anning, is getting support from various musical acts, offering him free admission to their concerts!

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