Episode 42: Getting the best home loan for your circumstances

This week we’re hosting our first guest speaker with Kerry Kypreos, Finance Broker and Managing Director of Financial Network Group, joins Brett to discuss why we recommend working with a mortgage broker versus a major bank.

Why might it be a better idea to work with a mortgage broker when purchasing a home rather than getting a loan from the bank? When working directly with a bank, you are governed by their policies, and their interest is to maximise their potential earnings. That means, they are looking at what the least amount they can lend you to obtain your business.

Listen in for insights from a Melbourne Mortgage broker for insider tips on getting the best loan for your circumstances, getting around credit issues and how to circumvent banking policies that aren’t set up in your favour.  

  • Defaults on your credit score can impact your chance of getting a loan from a mainstream bank. Listen in for how to obtain a mortgage loan despite a previous default on your credit file (5:23)
  • On the back of the Royal Commission, how are the big four banks managing to approve loans? Will there be a change in policy to help them approve business? Listen in now (15:10)
  • Are there significant differences in obtaining a loan between someone who is an employee, versus a self-employed person. Tune in to find out (33:55)

To contact Terry Kyrpreos directly for your mortgage brokerage needs or questions, contact his team at https://financialnet.com.au/

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