Episode 31: What does the US stock market’s recovery mean for you as an investor

This week the gents discuss the US stock market’s recovery and what that means for investors; where to invest in property given the continued market decline in Melbourne and Sydney; and how to commit to your financial goals this year.

It’s been another interesting week in the market, with the Fed pulling back from their hawkish comments 6 weeks ago, when the market tanked. Jerome Powell is stating he will be monitoring some cross currents in the economy and will take more of a ‘wait-and-see’ approach moving forward.

Had he said this earlier we perhaps wouldn’t have had some of the issues we dealt with in the weeks prior to Christmas. It’s amazing that in six weeks a stock market sell off can be quite so humbling.

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Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • Joel discusses more positive news coming out of the States. The US economy has added another 300, 000+ jobs to their economy in December, and more people are reentering the workforce. It looks like the US government is back in full swing for the time being; tune in to learn how this may impact investors who have been waiting on the sidelines. (2:50)
  • The early stages of this year show the two largest markets, Melbourne and Sydney, continue to decline. As an investor, where do you look to buy in the current climate? Brett believes South East Queensland is probably one of the better markets to be looking at for two reasons: affordability, and population. Tune in for more of Brett’s property insights (9:20)
  • Louis brings up the New Year’s Resolutions many of us make to improve our finances, and whether or not we are keeping them. How can you commit to making those goals stick and improve your financial situation year on year? Ignore the budget, but get the data. Confused? Listen in now, (20:58)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

Preparing for the end of the world? No longer do you need to rely on bottles and water and baked beans. Costco has come up with the perfect product for doomsdayers: the 27 pound tub of macaroni and cheese, set to last 20 years!

On a different note, a church in Holland held a service that managed to save a family from being deported. In Holland it is illegal for police to interrupt a church service, so they ran it for 96 days, with over 500 different priests speaking so the service could continue on.

The ticket prices for the very first Super Bowl sold for $6 in 1967, equal to $46 today. What do you think the price of Super Bowl tickets are today? The face value started at $950, and range up to $5,000 for club level. By the time they are sold and resold in packages, the average price actually gets to $7,300.00!

Listener Questions:

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