Episode 28: Best of Louis’ personal finance education and rants

This week we’re covering the best of Louis’ personal finance education and rants. It’s always a good time to think about and plan your personal finances, but we know at the start of a New Year is when we all really focus on our financial goals. Tune in now for a recap on improving your financial situation, and the common psychological cues most of us are impacted by when it comes to our financial behaviour.

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered

  • Understand the common barriers for investing, excuses made for poor financial planning, and common misconceptions surrounding personal finances. Listen in for Louis’ explanation of the repercussions of not investing early in life and the impacts on retirement. (1:06)
  • Find out how to react to dips in the market and how to take the emotion out of investing by mentally deciding that you are handing your money to a different person; your future self. (11:47)
  • Louis brings up human psychology’s impact on our success, driving our behaviour by fears and discomforts. How does discomfort impact our spending and living habits? Tune in for his insights now. (15:49)

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