Episode 24: Theresa May survives the no-confidence vote

This week the gents discuss Theresa May’s status in Parliament, the EU’s reaction to Brexit, the future of the Australian housing market, and the impact of discomfort and fear on personal finances.

Theresa May survived a vote of no confidence, winning the election with approximately 64% of the vote. Many Members of Parliament were dissatisfied with the deal she was trying to push through, thinking it pandered too much to the Europeans. The EU wants to see Britain and the UK suffer some pain or back out of Brexit, to set a standard for other countries who may also want to leave.

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • Joel raises another headwind for markets moving forward; The ECB has finished their bond-buying program, to help lower interest rates. As these bonds start to mature, it looks like the ECB will start to use some of that interest to take liquidity and support outside of the European zone. (4:10)
  • Brett discusses what the future holds in the Australian housing market. QBE released a report on the Australian housing outlook for 2018-2021, sharing analysis and forecast of key drivers influencing the residential housing market nationally. Listen in for the forecast growth for the coming three years in each major city in Australia, and the impact of baby boomers on the market. (24:30)
  • Louis brings up human psychology’s impact on our success, driving our behaviour by fears and discomforts. How does discomfort impact our spending and living habits? Tune in for his insights now. (41:25)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • St Ives England, a Santa Claus who identified smoke coming from an unknown source wanted to warn the crowd to evacuate by yelling “Get the F*** out, the house is burning down!”. The source of the smoke? A smoke machine coming from an event next door.
  • Pornhub has released their 2018 end-of-year review, with 33.5 billion visits – 92 million per day. Clearly it is a serious player on the internet!
  • A newspaper didn’t do Julia Roberts any favours with an unfortunate typo in headline “Julia Roberts Finds Life and Her Holes Get Better with Age”. Of course, ‘Holes’ was meant to be ‘Roles’

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