Episode 23: The Yellow Vests Protest and Cloaked Tax Reforms

Don’t miss this week’s episode covering the yellow vests protest, Brexit, the steep decline in clearance rates and increasing your retirement fund with a sound investment strategy.

In France and Belgium, the working and middle-class workers are enraged with the climbing fuel prices, purportedly created to dissuade fuel purchases and running cars. Unmoved by reported environmental benefits, protesters are fighting back against the increasingly high cost of living, and disproportionate tax burden.

Adding fuel to the situation, upon further investigation, it’s come to light that the tax revenue generated from increasing fuel prices is not planned for spending on projects that would have any impact on reducing climate change. Joel’s theory is governments are using carbon emission taxes and greenhouse gas taxes to fund big government, remain in power, and feed self interests, rather than delivering on the outcomes they suggest – and the French are waking up to it. Listen in for more details now.

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • This Wednesday the British Parliament votes on whether or not they will ratify the agreement Theresa May’s government has negotiated with the EU. Joel explains the potential outcomes including the exit, a vote of no-confidence,  immigration controls, and more. (8:15)
  • Brett discusses news surrounding clearance rates, a measurement of auction activity, being in a steep decline; largely as a result of offshore investors restricted from entering the Australian market, and credit limit changes. Listen in to find out what the next rate movement is. (18:35)
  • Louis raises common barriers for investing, excuses made for poor financial planning, and common misconceptions surrounding personal finances. Listen in for his explanation of the repercussions of not investing early in life and the impacts on retirement. (28:24)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Two marine pilots aroused controversy in Southern California for making a flight path over the skies of california in the shape of a penis.
  • A 100-year-old law making snowball fights illegal in Severance, Colorado has been defeated by a plucky 9-year-old local boy who took the law to task with local council.   

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