Episode 17: Winx

Episode 17 of The Investor Exchange

Welcome listeners, the Cox Plate is on this weekend and all the hype is about WINX, the mighty mare who is gunning for her 4th straight.  We’re no experts but it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement before talking about the recent market correction, Australia leading the world in median wealth, AMP’s continual slide, Non Bank Lending, The young rich, Australia’s most expensive home – $100m!!! and on and on – listen and enjoy.

Get Happy Australians – You’re Wealthy

The stock market has gone through a correction and the signals are now indicating the decline is over.  Joel explain this scenario further before discussing how Australia leads the world with median wealth per adult at $US191,450 ahead of Switzerland at $US183,340.  The positions are reversed on a wealth per adult basis with Switzerland coming in at $530,240, Australia next at $411,060 then the United States at $403,970.  Australia also ranks high with just 6% having a net worth under $10,000 compared to the UK at 18% and the USA at 28%. (4:10)
How the mighty have fallen – AMP’s share price dropped 25% in one day, they are selling their insurance business, their value continues to drop what can they do? (Maybe bet on Winx) (18:00)

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • Who’s lending money?
    We have previously discussed the rise of non bank lenders in the mortgage space and the number of home loans issued by them is growing at 13% compared to just 4.8% for the banks.  This relates to 3 of the major banks releasing their annual reports this week and the interest around how they will report on changes to lending and customer remediation triggered by the Royal Commission. (29:00)
  • Fire Safety Audit Update
    In a previous episode Brett discussed property owners that are members of an owners corporation being exposed to future liabilities due to changes required for their building to be compliant with updated fire safety standards.  Cases are already showing up where the liability is as high as 20% of their property value. (32:15)
  • How do you plan for the unexpected?
    Louis recently had a friend receive a kidney transplant which lead him to pondering how we need to plan for things we anticipate happening but can’t be certain when. (39:00)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Elizabeth Warren – is she a Native American?
    Joel entertains us with the story that the Democrat’s long held public persona could be a fraud! (46:00)
  • Get your Fart Pants
    The latest trend for smelly people is jeans that hide the odor of your flatulence. (49:45)
  • Spread your Ashes at Disney
    The worlds favorite happy place has opened up and disclosed that it is a popular final resting place, with a high number of families spreading their loved one’s ashes around the park  (50:15)

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