Episode 16: The Royal Edition

Episode 16 of The Investor Exchange

Welcome listeners, the royals are in town this week and it was hard to ignore so Steph kicked us off with her admiration of the new Princess before we discuss the serious investor topics of the stock market correction – listen and enjoy.

The Sky Didn’t Fall

We dramatically titled our last episode “The Sky Is Falling” after the stock market decline that was happening.  Well here we are a week later and the Sky Didn’t Fall.
Joel goes into some detail on historical stock market declines and what they have lead to.  As we suggested last week – this latest volatility could actually be creating a great opportunity to buy. (3:10)

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • Multiple CBD’s for Melbourne?
    Brett discusses plans for 7 alternative CBD’s or National Employment and Innovations Clusters around Melbourne over the next 30 years.  These would be in Werribee, Sunshine, Fishermans Bend, Parkville, La Trobe University, Monash University and Dandenong. (11:25)
  • How much do guarantees Cost?
    Louis brings up the topic of guarantees and the costs associated with having that certainty, think consumer goods with extended warranties, a whole range of insurances and even the guarantee behind investments. (21:00)
  • If the Bank won’t give me a loan, who will?
    Joel discusses how 2 of the worlds biggest private equity firms have entered the Residential Mortgage Market to support 2nd tier lenders. (32:30)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Don’t disrespect the Chinese National Anthem
    Brett found the story of a 20 year old video blogger being detained for 5 days in China for greeting her audience with : “Hello, Good Evening Comrades”! (43:20)
  • YouTube crash creates Porn spike
    Joel alerted us to a Youtube service crash this week that created an increase in searches on internet porn site PornHub (44:05)
  • Get your Vladimir Putin Calendar
    Joel also found the story of the Russian President publishing a 2019 calendar of topless shots of himself (45:10)

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