Episode 6: Guiding Principles for Investors

Episode 6 of The Investor Exchange

Steph is back at the helm this week and celebrating her birthday.  She kicks off discussions with concerns about security of her medical information, we discuss fund manager performance, how to decide on an financial strategy and claiming a tax deduction on a boob job.

Are Your Medical Records Safe?

Australians have until October 15 to decide if they want their medical records stored in an online system called My Health Record, owned by the Australian Government.  You will automatically have this record created unless you decide not to by opting out. (1:20)

Fund Manager Returns

Joel runs us through the best and worst performing stocks and fund managers for the last financial year.  The best performing stock on the ASX 200 rose 436%!!! (9:35)

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • How much do Real Estate Agents Make?
    The 2018 reb Top 100 Agents Ranking was released last week.  Brett discusses how much they were probably paid and the guys discuss the value of sales skills and average wages Vs house prices in Australia’s capital cities – Mortgage Stress Anyone? (20:00)
  • How do you invest to get ahead?
    Louis had a client question him on what strategy he should be using to invest and manage his affairs.  Louis delivers his answer in the form of guiding principles (we’ve listed them below). (33:40)
  • Is it time to Invest in US Real Estate?
    Joel provided some current statistics that show a supply / demand imbalance in the US housing market that is likely to drive prices higher. (48:30)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Louis got political with a story on how UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called off parliament so that she doesn’t get kicked out. (56:30)
  • Is a boob job tax deductible – Joel tells us it probably is (YCBS!) (57:10)
  • The iconic Wall Street Bull has been desecrated with sex toys and ……   Vladimir Putin (58:05)

Event Links:

Melbourne:  Share Investment Seminar – July 24

Brisbane:  Share Investment Seminar – July 25

Louis’ Guiding Principles:

  1. Doing something is better than nothing.
  2. Making mistakes is OK (as long as you can manage them)
  3. Have an exit plan prepared
  4. Stick to the plan
  5. Continue to save.

Listener Questions:

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