Episode 2 – Property Market, China Economy & Penis Shootings

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Welcome to Episode 2 of The Investor Exchange

A lot of property matters discussed this week and some great insights into the Chinese economy.  Enjoy listening.

Is Australia headed for a Property Market Crash?

Joel lead the discussion regarding the state of the Australian Real Estate Market and media reports about a potential crash.  Data presented showed conflicting views as to the likely future of the property market.  Should you be worried – we don’t think so – listen to find out why.

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion covered:

  • What is the Crane Index?
    Brett discusses a measurement provided by one of the world’s oldest and biggest quantity surveyors that gives an indication of how strong the construction industry is in Australia.
  • If I buy a new home should I keep my current property as an investment?
    Louis raises a client question and we discuss the pros and cons of doing this.
  • How big is the Chinese Economy?
    Joel put forward an amazing statistic – the Chinese economy has grown 2000% over the last 20 years and is not stopping any time soon.  We discuss what this means and what options investors have to benefit.

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Brett takes a swipe at the World Cup Soccer and the Australian Cricket team.
  • Joel shot from the hip (or near it) at the Vatican and their stance on Gluten Free Bread as well as the case of Cedrick Jelks, the Florida man who shot himself in the penis (ouch!)
  • Louis gave himself a “You Cannot Be Serious” for trying to comfort his 3-year-old daughter by explaining that her Super Fund will be OK.

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