Episode 1 – The Starting Line

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Welcome to Episode 1 of The Investor Exchange

LIke a sprinter out of the blocks from The Starting Line, we’ve got plenty for you in this opening episode with so much happening in Australia and the rest of the world there’s something in here for everyone.

Is your retirement under threat?

Joel has a rant about changes the ALP are implementing to Superannuation that appear to have gone under the radar for most of us but will have a big impact on our retirement savings.

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion covered:

  • It’s been 12 months since the Grenfell Tower Fire in London and Brett discussed the dangers of Combustible Cladding on buildings and the cost to property owners in the wake of changes being implemented.
  • Super contributions prior to tax time, Louis gives some great advice on how to maximise your Superannuation position in preparation for the end of the financial year.
  • Stock Market Returns – what is the long term average rate of return?  Joel provided some great insights based on 117 years of investing.  (If you want to see the chart Brett mentions on the average returns of Melbourne residential property – click here)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Joel brought the exploits of the “Poo Jogger” to our attention which lead to some funny interaction.
  • Brett raised the possibility of Donald Trump getting a world peace award and;
  • Louis shocked us all with the fact that it is illegal to be drunk in a pub (That’s just un-Australian)

Listener Questions:

Being the first episode, there are no listener questions but we are wanting listeners to write in or leave a voice message for us with questions, feedback or topics for discussion.  You can do this via The Investor Exchange website on the link below.

Ask a Question: https://theinvestorexchange.com.au/ask/

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